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Alresford 2008 Videos

Two versions are available, clicking on the 'wmv' link will download a wide screen good quality copy. The other one is a U-Tube compressed video (play by clicking on the picture, clicking the picture a second time will take you to an improved quality picture)

Tri-ang Series 3.wmv

Tri-ang Series 3 A.wmv
(Large file)

Tri-ang Series 4.wmv
(Large file)


Lego Trains.wmv


Lego Trains 2.wmv


Hornby 3 Rail.wmv
(Large file)





O Gauge Clockwork.wmv

Bryan Pentland.wmv

O Gauge 3 Rail.wmv


Tri-ang Big Big.wmv


Bowman Circle Steam Trains Alresford 2008.wmv