Alresford Festival of
Toy Trains

Video 2011

James Day and friends Playmobil Layout

What do you mean it was raining??

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Dave Lyon's magnificent Minic Motorway Layout and the

Brickish association's Lego display



Hornby Acho, Jouef and Playcraft: Trix: Tri-ang TT: Dublo 3 rail


Hornby Dublo 2 rail


Brian Pentland had an awesome collection of Tinplate trains


Lionel layout with a huge collection of buildings including Plasticville and Kleenware
Hornby Clockwork and others


Tri-ang Primary, TransContinental, Big Big and OOO Electric


General shots of Alresford 2011 including Tri-ang loader,
Bowman Circle live Steam, Scalextric etc.


More Photos

2011 Report